Löfkulla Golf

Services, course rules, prices & payment methods

Löfkulla Golf course located in central Espoo and is open to public 7 days a week. The course has 9 holes and 60 stations driving range.

The course is a pay and play facility. A golf club membership is not needed, which is ideal for families and for anyone who wants to try the game, yet course remains a challenge for the experienced golfer. The course offers a number of different services and facilities for golfers of all ages and experience levels.

The golf course services:

  • 9 holes course
  • 60 stations driving range
  • 2 practice greens
  • minigolf
  • courses and tuition
  • Cafe Löfkulla

Course rules & etiguette

The 9-hole course cannot be booked in advance; simply turn up on the day. A tee time is detmided by ball rack. The last tee time for the course can be found from the timetable.


Gree fee must be paid before teeing off
Max 4 players per group. During the busy times the game is played with the group of four. Note: no caddies allowed
It is recommend that  an one player has a Green card in a group
Please follow the rules and regulations of the golf course
Players must take account of the safety of others. The minimun age for the course is 7 years

Each playe must have

  • golfbag
  • golf clubs (own or rented min. 3 clubs + putter)
  • pichfork
  • wood tees
  • golf balls (Playing with a rangeball is forbidden)

Golf clubs can be rented from the caddiemaster. Pitchfork,wood tees and golf balls can be purchased from the caddiamaster. Rented clubs must be returned prior to the closure of the caddiemaster’s office.  Adult green fees can be paid with MobilePay Application, the receipt of the payment must be found on players mobile app.

Rules of golf in brief
Always use a wooden golf tee with opening shot
Practise swings are made outside tee box area
Always repair pitch mark on putting surfaces and fairways
The area marked with stakes is out of bound area – no ball retrieval – drop a ball and play ont he course
A lost golf ball – Player is allowed to serch up to 3 minutes
Keep moving quickly (max 9 strokes / fairway per player) – signal the faster group behind to play thorough

Consideration of others
Use comfortable clothes and shoes while playing and please keep the shirt on at all times
The player who has the ”honour” should be allowed to tee-off first and should do so without delay.
Don’t play until the group in front of you is out of range.
When completing a hole, move off the green immediately. Leave the marking of scorecards, etc. until you are clear.
Please avoid the use of mobilephones on the course, consider others and switch ring tones off.
Keep moving as quickly as you are able whilst walking between shots.
No sharing of clubs, bags or trolleys because this slows play.
Observe the speed of play and allow groups to play through.The recommended time to play the hole is 9 minutes / fairway. The player should complete the fairway by 9 strokes, if that is not possible, please pick up the ball and move to the next fairway.
If you lose a ball and it is obvious that it will not be found easily and the course is not busy, signal the group behind to play through. The player is allowed three minutes under the ”Rules of Golf” for ball searching, before doing so. If you believe a ball may be lost immediately after you have hit it, play a provisional ball.
Out of bound area or private property that is marked with white stakes – No ball retriaval. Please drop a ball and play on the course
Please give a priority to the Green Staff at all times

Take of the course
Before leaving a bunker, make sure you smooth over all holes and footprints with the rake.
Always replace divots on the fairways and repair pitch marks on putting surfaces.
Don’t take your bag or trolley near the putting greens or between green and bunker and take care not to damage the hole when removing the flagstick.
Don’t damage the teeing areas by taking practice swings on them.
Observe areas regarding ”Ground Under Repair” and keep to the designated paths, especially when pulling a trolley.

Priority on the course
Keep pace with the group in front of you at all times. If you should fall behind by more than one clear hole, you must signal the group directly behind you to play through.
9 hole course second rounds must be started from the first tee, queuing alternately with players waiting to tee off.

Shout ”Fore” if your golf ball is in danger of hitting someone.
Make sure that no one is in a position to be struck by your club, ball or any other object like stones or twigs when making a stroke.
Don’t stand in front or to the side of anyone taking a tee shot or stroke. Stay well behind.
In order to keep children safe the minimun age for the course is 7  years. The children playing on the course is parents resbonsibility.

Prices and payment methods

Löfkulla offers discounted prices for juniors, students and pensioners.

Green fees

In order to receive a discount the proof of identity and valid student/pensioners card shall be presented to caddiemaster before tee off.

10 cards

10 rounds (9-holes) is personal card and is valid during the season 2024. Please present the document entitling you to a discount when paying green fees. Identification card, driving licence or passport shall be shown.


Adult green fees can be paid to caddiemaster or with MobilePay app. Payment information is found on the first tee.

9 holes
One round
18 holes
Two rounds
10 card
9 holes, valid 2024


Junior is < 18 years old.

An identity card or KELA-card must be presented.

Greeen fees are paid only to the caddiemaster.

9 holes
One round
18 holes
Two rounds
10 card
9 holes, valid 2023

Student /Pensionar

A discount is valid at 9 – 15

Student discount is valid for under 25 years old.

An official student card shall be presented


An official pensioners identity card ashall be presented in order to receive discount

Student /Pensionar
9 holes
One round
18 holes
Two rounds
10 card
9 holes, valid 2024

Club rentals

In order to rent golf clubs a proof of identity must be presented; identification card, driving licence or passport. Clubs must be be returned before the caddimaster’s office closing time.

1/2 set clubs includes bag and clubs; tees, pitchforks and  golfballs can be purchased from caddiemaster.

Club rentals
1 club3€
1 driver club10€
1/2 club set
Kids set10€

Range balls

The ball automat is functioning with 2 € coins, MobilePay, range tokens and with smartcard.

Löfkulla  (SOLO) 10 baskets rangeball smartcard

The new reloadable driving range (SOLO) smartcard cost is 6 €.

1 basket4€
1 token4€
10 baskests
new smart card
6 €

Payment methods

  • Mobilepay
  • Cash
  • Debit- and credit (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Smartum: Smartum Pay and Smartum vouchers
  • Edenred: Edenred Mobilepay and Edenred-card, (Note! No Virike Vouchers)

Löfkulla Golf reserves the right to change the availability and prices without prior notice.